Saturday, June 29, 2013

David Gest Plastic Surgery Before and After Chin Implants and Facelift

David, now 55, says appearing on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! in 2006 helped him accept his appearance.

‘It is the best thing I ever did,’ he says. ‘I finally realised that people liked me. I guess people saw the real me and realised I wasn’t just a freak in sunglasses. I get mobbed in the street by fans now. It’s crazy, but I love it.’
Oh where to start. First off – and this part isn’t David’s fault – cosmetic surgery done 27 years ago probably isn’t going to look as good as it would if it were done today. Technology is significantly more advanced in that field. So I kind of feel badly for the guy. Right now I’m reading a book called Beauty Junkies about the overemphasis we place on cosmetic surgery in America, and it talks about some of the things people used to get injected with. Scary stuff. I don’t even want to imagine what’s floating under that guy’s head.

All that said… it’s been awhile, perhaps it’s time for some touch up work. I understand being afraid after being made to look like… I don’t even know what to compare Gest to. A sleepy Michael Jackson? But I would think there’s some way a really good surgeon could correct some of his facial features. The most obvious being the perma-surprised brow. I don’t think anything else is so gasp-worthy on him, and it really leaves an impression. And while it’s nice that he feels better about himself… I’m going to have to argue with the whole idea that people mob David Gest on the street. I mean I do, but I have a lot of questions for him. Most times he just looks surprised and runs away.

David Gest. My mother always said you could tell an insane person by what they did with their eyebrows.

David Gest Regrets Plastic Surgery

David Gest was only known in the entertainment industry before he married Liza Minnelli. But he’s now a household name and may be better known for his bad plastic surgery than for his failed marriage.

56-year old TV star-and-concert promoter David Gest says that he was encouraged to have plastic surgery by his close friend Michael Jackson, but its not the late legend’s fault that the results were so bad.

David Gest, Plastic Surgery
David, who has had two facelifts and a nose realignment procedure, says, “On Celebrity Come Dine With Me, I discuss the plastic surgery I had done between 1980-1981 and blame only myself for being so foolish, especially not Michael Jackson nor anyone else. I was an idiot. I look back at that time and think of myself as being so stupid, and was very appreciative of Michael’s support and being there when I went through all that.”

In addition, he also says he got cheek implants and a cleft chin, but both were his idea.

“It was my idea to put in a clef chin and cheek bones – not Michael’s. Sometimes when you are young you are foolish and you get carried away. I remember I was looking in the mirror in an office building when I was with Band of Gold singer Freda Payne. I was mortified and almost fainted. I had the cheekbones removed a week later. I’ve come to realize that it’s not what’s on the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

It’s nice that David has spoken openly about his plastic surgery mistakes and seems to have learned from them.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, California, says, “It is clear David Gest had some work done in the past, and may benefit from having subtle revisions performed to his previous surgeries to create a more natural appearance. “

Board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer says, “It is definitely not the most flattering photo of David Gest.  His eyebrows appear unnaturally peaked, hairline looks unnatural and midface unbalanced.”

We is glad that David has learned from his mistakes and is pleased that he can have corrective surgery on his now effeminate appearance.